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Authorization certificate

China General Certification Center (CGC), organized by the Institute of Metrology (NIM) with the authorization of the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China (CNCA),

CGC is backed by the National Institute of Metrology (NIM), which is subordinate to the State General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection & Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ). NIM is the supreme national research center for metrological techniques and the state legal metrological institute. With the backing of advanced technology of certification, testing and calibration from NIM, CGC follows the philosophy of ¡°fairness, independence, science, strictness¡± to provide services for clients at home and abroad.

Since its foundation in 2003, CGC has formed an effective mode of certification and cultivated a high-quality and professional researching and certificating team through its own incessant efforts as well as benefiting from foreign experiences and ethics. CGC conducted a variety of fundamental researches, took in hand several national crucial research projects, and thus strengthened substantial technical position and gained reputations around the country. While improving its own development, CGC also made great contributions to technical innovation of the industry. Various certificates like ¡°blue fire¡± and ¡°golden sun¡± under CGC have been widely recognized around the industry and by customers, playing a key role in driving the sound development of the industry. Moreover, CGC actively communicates and cooperates with manufactures, researching academy and detecting organizations to greatly enhance the capacity of certification as well as its influence in the industry.

Accreditation certificate

CGC carries out a mode of modern management, sticking to a policy of ¡°quality first, technology paramount¡± and regarding ¡°creating international certification brand image in renewable energy industry¡± as its long-term strategic goal. CGC follows national laws and regulations as well as relevant technical specifications to conduct quality certification and standards R&D for renewable energy products by right of scientific methods and positive attitudes with the commitment to promotion of technology and products quality. CGC would like to work hand in hand with people from all circles to make contributions to the renewable energy industry. .